It's June 6, 6:30pm at Schuler Books 2660 28th St SE

June's Topic-

Healthy Bees - Presented by Ann Marie Fauvel.

Every beekeeper needs to understand that along with the benefits of keeping bees, we have responsibilities too.  Ann Marie will talk about keeping your bees healthy, and therefore not contributing to problems  in other colonies, either.


Anne Marie Fauvel is the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) Tech Team coordinator. She oversees the logistics of the expert Tech Transfer Teams servicing commercial beekeepers through out the nation, bringing back national data on the health of our honey bee colonies used to further research with the affiliated Universities. She is also the campus apiarist for the GVSU Meijer Campus in Holland and continues to teach classes related to honey bees and beekeeping at GVSU and in the community.