Our next Bee Club meeting is September 5th, We will be starting at 600pm this time at Schuler Books 2660 28th St SE

(Feel free to visit Schuler's cafe and get a beverage, snack or even dinner and enjoy it while listening to the presentation)
Due to technical difficulties we will be repeating August's topic on honey extraction starting at 6pm. Once that topic is covered we will move on to what has to be done to prepare for cold weather.  Below is an outline for the nights presentations. Any time remaining will be Q & A with our panel of bee experts.

"Honey Extraction" presentation
five minute break
"September in the Bee Yard" presentation.
Finish Honey Extraction
Evaluate if weak hives need to be combined
Varroa mite treatments
Determine if hives need to be fed
Preventing hive robbing
Installing mouse guards